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What is a Sales Kit?

A sales kit should contain detailed information about your product or service and should be compelling, but yet simple and concise. If applicable, pricing and rate schedules are sometimes included in sales kits, but this is a preference as some desire pricing to remain separate. Sales kits play somewhat of a different role than a brochure despite the similarities between the two. Unlike the brochure, a sales kit can incorporate larger text, larger images, die cuts, and is usually more interactive providing a more thorough description about the product or service. Information can be better organized, and even separated individually as inserts that focus on specific items independently. A sales kit usually has a higher print & paper quality and can be an impressive visual aid for sales persons demonstrating a product or service. Sales kits can also be combined with a brochure to not only demonstrate synergy and professionalism in your brand, but to also leave multiple review options for your potential customers as an easy reference. So whether its used as a leave behind, demonstration, or just to show professionalism, sales kits can play an important roll in marketing your product or service.

What is a Media Kit?

A media kit or press kit is more commonly used to inform news media of a new release, product, or service; or provide useful information to media sources as an easy reference to your product or service. For well established entities, media kits often just provide a brief overview of the company and focus on the new product or service. But for newly established entities, the media kit typically contains more about the company's history and credibility in conjunction with the product or service. In a nut shell, you are trying to get the media's attention, but there is somewhat of a strategy in determining the core offering of your media kit.

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