What is Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations?

Lets say that Ray needs a date, and Ray is planning to go to a bar in Downtown Richmond VA . His plan is to tell women in the age group 25-35; "I'm good looking, I drive a BMW, and I have a house on a lake." This is marketing.

Dawn and Karen are out for the evening and end up in the same bar as Ray. Dawn tells Karen, "You see that guy over there? His name is Ray, he's good looking, he has a nice BMW and a beautiful house on a lake and he's a really great guy. You should go talk to him." This is public relations.

While at the bar, Ray bumps into Dawn and Karen and tells both of them "I'm good looking, I drive a BMW, and I have a house on a lake. Would you both like to come with me?" This is advertising

So in a nutshell, marketing can be defined as a conceptual plan, from research and design, to target markets and strategy of marketing a brand or product. Advertising, on the other hand is a single component of the marketing strategy, which involves communicating the product across a variety of mediums for brand awareness. These key components, combined with a worthy product, allow public relations to happen which is really the most important component of the entire equation.

Social Media and Public Relations

Referencing the example above, Karen would be more likely to go with Ray because Dawn referred Karen to Ray and said he was a great guy, rather than Ray bluntly approaching Dawn Karen with his spammy BMW and house on the lake. He can't be totally trusted on his own, but with a referral his odds increase dramatically.

Social networking is very effective way to drive authenticity to your brand and connect with new customers. This approach can often be just as effective as a television commercial or bill board. It also lets potential customers know that you are real and in real time as they get to know you or your company. Social media campaigns open a huge opportunity to brand your product in the minds of thousands of people. Literally everyone is participating social networking as it's become viral throughout the world. Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in are three popular mediums with others popping up every year. Although social media is important, it's not end all and be all. It should only be used as a supplement to your existing marketing and advertising campaign and used properly.

What we have to offer

marketing strategies:
4 image Design offers services to help you plan, create and execute marketing strategies for your business. From demographic research, to target markets and statistics, we'll come up with a plan to get your business to the front of the pack.

social media services:
Whether you simply just need assistance with your social media campaign, or just don't have time for social media, 4 image can help. We can set up your campaigns and customize them to you liking and hand them over to you to manage, or we can manage the entire campaign from start to finish.

search marketing:
4 image can also manage your search engine marketing campaign. (SEM) We plan, launch and maintain your pay per click campaigns, (paid advertising) with monthly reporting and statistics using popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. Ask us about geotargeting technology.

advertising campaigns:
From mailers, to print ads, to radio and sports marketing, 4 image has it covered. Because of our diverse backgrounds and relationships, we are well established with many local and national advertising mediums, including internet, radio, television, and Motorsports.

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